Havest Safety

Havest Safety

It’s GO! GO! GO! Time

Autumn Harvest…Autumn marks the transition from summer to winter when daylight becomes shorter and the temperature cools down considerably.  The crisp air, apple pickin’, fall colors in the trees and the craziness in a farmer’s life.

Last spring farmers went to their fields with hopes of smooth planting, an abundance of perfect growing weather and high market prices this fall. And now it’s Go Time!

Farmers are gearing up for the hectic harvest season. Harvest time means long days in the fields, long nights as they try to squeeze every last drop of sunlight of the day and long lines at the elevators as they bring their bounty to town.   Harvest time is a stressful and frenzied time. It seems that when farmers are trying to get harvest done, it never fails the equipment breaks down, they get a flat tire in the field or have impatient drivers swerving around them as they bring in their crops.

It’s a dangerous time of year for farmers.  A few safety reminders as harvest gets under way.

– Stay rested. It’s hard not to put in a 20 hour day during harvest, but don’t sacrifice your well being for the sake of efficiency. And while getting enough rest, make sure you are taking breaks as well.  It will give your body and mind a chance to recuperate

– Stay hydrated. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day.  Don’t skip meals either.  Keeping food and water in your system will help fight off dehydration and low blood sugar levels which can be very dangerous.

-Try to work during daylight hours. By doing the bulk of your work during the daylight will help reduce the risk of injury.

– Remember machinery safety. Farm machinery is powerful and dangerous.  You should take farm safety very serious and it is a good idea to carry a first-aid kit with you as well.

– Keep children away from machinery.  Farm families work together during harvest and farm kids often ride in farm equipment and help out where needed. That makes for an invaluable lesson in hard work but can also be very dangerous.

– Stay safe on the roads.  You should make your machinery visible by using the lights and flashers.  Use the appropriate slow-moving vehicle signs as well.

– Grain Safety- Once you have gotten the crops out of the fields, it’s important to remember grain handling safety.  Grain storage bins and handling equipment can be dangerous.

Aschoff Construction would like to wish all farmers a safe and prosperous harvest this year and thanks you for all you do!

Posted on: Monday, September 25, 2017
Last modified on: Monday, September 25, 2017

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